We can talk about entry and exit plans and expert navigation throughout the process. Includes guidance, a team to handle the full scope of needs.


Communicating the message is critical to a cohesive online marketing plan consistent with the goals and objectives of specific client needs and requests.


Critical, strategic thinking in the creative space is how we position the brand through visual aesthetics for consistency across all brand touchpoints.


We will establish a plan to make you boatloads of money when you sell your company. We will deliver the cash to you in large unmarked bags.

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Meet the Team

We are as diverse and multi-talented as yours should be. Vroom Network’s staff come from a varied, but synergistic background with combined powersports industry experience of over 100 years. Starting up? Entering from a foreign country? Polishing your brand for re-sale. Hire us or “rent us” as your breath of fresh air…and get going now…or again.

Eric Anderson

Brand ignitor par excellence. Sales trainer and e-learning mentor. B2B magazine columnist. Distribution channel savvy. If it’s been for sale in the last 2 decades, he knows its strengths and weaknesses.

Alan Landry

Successful business owner. Analyst. CFO. Ad agency owner. Branding leader. Entry/exit strategist. Personal life coach. He sees through the smoke & mirrors and tells you what you NEED to hear.

Judy Anderson

All powerful enabler. Logistics and business provider. Life’s color and texture enhancer. Voice of long standing reason and business stability. She is the voice, love and energy of the day-to-day business.

Tony Cavaliere

Creative strategist and brand builder. Enthusiasm for the visual aesthetic and consistency across brand touchpoints. Twenty years in the action sports apparel industry. He anticipates and leads with passion.
“Great brands are planned and built on a solid foundation with each new building block strategically placed. Executed correctly, they become iconic pillars to stand the test of time.”

Eric Anderson

What our clients have to say

Eric’s knowledge, skill and enthusiasm are only a small part of my recomendation. He is a gifted Brand Builder, team builder, manager and motivator. From any part of the business from Owner, advisor, or as employee, Eric will intently listen and learn about your goals and products, then devise, implement and manage a complete strategy for putting you and your Brand or business on the path to success. Everything from writing the training curriculum (including e-learning), to leading and motivating the team in the instruction, to implementation of a detailed channel management objective and beyond. Schuberth North America and I are both thankful.

Randy Northrup
Vice President
Schuberth North America

“Understanding the importance of a brand and its capabilities are vital and Eric gets that.  Always has great feedback and new ideas when it comes to marketing and getting a brand out there.”

Roland Sands
Roland Sands Design

I worked with Eric only a short time but it saw an amazing amount of enthusiasm for motorcycles and a deep knowledge of the industry. Eric immediately garners the respect of all of his colleagues, myself included, and is held in reverence by those who know him best. He’s a successful entrepreneur and brings what he has learned from years of successes to every team he is a part of. I cannot thank him enough for his thoughtful insight and infectious energy as part of such an important project for Marshall Advertising. Any group that has a chance to work with Eric Anderson would be lucky to have him as part of their team.

Tyler Reid
Senior Developer / Senior UI/UX Developer
Runding Corporation

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